Best Webinar of 2020: Nominees Awarding

There are more than 100 online platforms for webinars and online conferences in the world. However, only the best webinars provide the opportunity to learn the most useful and up-to-date information about any vertical, particularly about gambling. Such online events will be helpful for those people who want to organize a meeting, educate employees in the gambling business, and advertise products via webinars. Corporate online meetings allow participants to find out about news in the gambling industry, and about the implementation of efficient tools for specific tasks to manage a business successfully.

Login Casino Awards 2020 holds the annual ceremony of awarding in various sectors of the gambling industry. Our award allows us to determine the most deserving candidates basing on online voting, which will start on October 27 and end on December 7 at The results will be hidden on November 23, and the names of the winners will be revealed on December 16. We invite all of you to participate in the selection of the best webinar of 2020.

We ensure that the voting process is fair and transparent and control it thoroughly. That is why we block bots and other unfair tools.

Best webinar

Best webinar: selection parameters

To make the evaluation as fair as possible, experts have tested every platform, learned the information on the official website, technical documents, interviews with web developers, and users’ comments. Moreover, they have requested additional information that isn’t available on the official websites and in open sources.

Our team analyzes this year’s webinars, which it has selected, and readers choose their favorite nominees from this list. Last year, more than 5000 people took part in online voting. This year, even more readers are expected to participate.

Evaluation is based on several criteria:

  • Cost. What is the price of webinar platform rent per month?
  • The number of speakers. What is the number of people who can speak simultaneously during live streaming?
  • The number of participants. This is about the webinar’s capacity.
  • Content streaming. This criterion covers such aspects as to whether a speaker can demonstrate presentations to viewers, PC screen capture, video playing.
  • Webinar recording. This regards the quality and format of the recorded live streaming and players’ availability to download it.
  • Test and questionnaires. This item covers the functionality for polling or testing.
  • Emailing. Are there any tools for reminding participants about a webinar via email?
  • Statistic. This regards the availability of data about the number of participants, chat with the current information about the dialogue, listening time.
  • Technical support. This criterion covers the availability of technical support provided by the webinar organizer (phone, online chat, email).
  • Branding. Is it possible to change the webinar room design, typography in letters, the design of the meeting registration page?
  • Mobile version. This regards the availability of iOS and Android applications.

Best webinars

Best webinars: business opportunities

The main task of any webinar is business promotion and creation of the community of online businessmen, various experts who develop the gambling market. If you are ready to develop your business on the web, use others’ experience and share yours, make experiments, and create new strategies in the gambling industry, top webinars will help you to do it.

Login Casino Awards isn’t only the opportunity to develop the gambling market by personal ideas and processes, but also the chance to find new solutions for business management, evaluation of various tools’ prospects, analysis of the local and foreign companies operation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Join one of the biggest events of 2020 and use the opportunity to evaluate webinars' quality!