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Award for the Best Projects of Gambling Communities

Information about Awards 2020: Rewarding Nominees

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Information about Awards 2020: Rewarding Nominees

The Login Casino Awards 2020 online event is the annual ceremony organized by the Login Casino online gambling business magazine, which has been held for four years now. Our Awards brings the leading companies of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world together in the race for the title of the best. Do not miss voting that starts on https://logincasino.com/awards2020/en on October 27. Acceptance of applications from participants will last from October 12 to October 26. The results will be hidden on November 23, and the end of voting is scheduled for December 7. The Login Casino Awards will traditionally be held online on the same website on December 16. We invite you to support your favorites! Among the nominees are legal domestic and foreign bookmakers, providers of gambling products, software developers, affiliate companies, as well as organizations that contribute to the development of the industry as a whole. The prize will be awarded only to those representatives of the gambling industry who have managed to achieve maximum success and have demonstrated significant growth in their niche.

Login Casino Awards: format and online voting

The nominees are evaluated in the following categories: Betting, Gambling, Affiliate, Event, Esports, and Poker. The experts will analyze the performance of the selected nominees over the past year. Readers of our online magazine will evaluate the contribution of nominees, determining the most worthy, in their opinion, candidates by voting. Last year, over 5,000 people participated in the voting process. The involvement of a higher number of participants is expected this time.

Important: We monitor the integrity of the voting process. The utilization of bots and other technologies is prohibited, and users who are caught violating the rules will be blocked. 

Login Casino Awards 2020: on global goals

It will be useful for the contestants to get acquainted with the products and services of competitors, expand the base of potential partners and investors in various areas of the gambling industry. At the same time, the event is intended to bring industry leaders together, becoming a platform for reviewing and identifying the most popular gambling trends. After all, they determine how the world and domestic markets will develop in the future! The organizers of the ceremony hope that this event will contribute to the formation of competitive gambling companies of a new level and help the synergy of foreign and domestic companies both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the world in general. Login Casino Awards is an opportunity to make your own contribution to the development of the gambling industry, find new ideas for organizing business, assess the prospects and ways of promoting foreign and domestic gambling companies, learn about interesting and necessary solutions for the gambling industry in terms of technologies and regulations. Join a large-scale event and get a chance to evaluate the quality of gambling projects!


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